Sunday, November 30, 2014

Space Buns? Star Wars?

Choker: F21
Necklace: My mum's 
Top: Thrifted somewhere along Haji Lane
Bottom: 8Seconds (Korea)
Shoes: Somewhere in Korea  

So just thought I would do a quick post for my spacey outfit! Many people said it reminded them of Star Wars especially Princess Leia because of the space buns hahah but to be honest, how I came up with this outfit idea was really random.

It all started in the bathroom, like how all great ideas are born, when I was thinking of what to wear to town after not shopping in a million years. I was reminded on a certain colourful top I thrifted a year plus ago which I only wore once because, well its colourful and not to mention pretty tight. But I was just so sick of wearing the same old things lately that I was determined to wear that top that weekend. Somehow or another I managed to associate that top to something galaxy like and decided it would look good with space buns and of course my leather skirt. Which was a really random thought but I thought of the whole dark gothic look and still wanted to have some of my personal style touches in it. I was so apprehensive but I thank my Instagram feed for my inspirations especially since ‘plaaastic’ really inspired me to wear whatever I wanted. You should too if you are reading this!

But I guess even after putting the look together, the hardest step was actually leaving the house wearing it. Me being the typical human being needing validation sent a photo to my friend even telling her that I was going to look absolutely crazy on that day but thankfully she reassured me and didn’t cancel our date hahah. It was a great experience though, not only being really tall (due to my platforms) and having two ‘antennas’ on my head but also being different in general. Many people judged me of course, some aunties even looking at me weirdly but surprisingly there were even some who complimented my hair of all things! It was fun though, since I eventually felt comfortable enough by the time I left the house, I just felt like I was rocking a whole new side of myself! Though I wouldn’t recommend tying space buns if you’re going on a shopping spree because it is an absolute pain when trying on tops and dresses.

It was a really fun change trying something new and now I feel even bolder to wear out my fashion choices. It is something I really wouldn’t mind trying again and I really encourage you to try it as well. At best, get a piece of clothing you struggle to style and be determined to wear it out for the weekend. Mix and match till you’re comfortable with leaving the house and enjoy the experience!

'Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.' - Gianni Versace 

Ps: My post on my Korea/Busan trip will be coming up soon, sorry for taking so long!

Till next time!

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