Sunday, November 30, 2014

Space Buns? Star Wars?

Choker: F21
Necklace: My mum's 
Top: Thrifted somewhere along Haji Lane
Bottom: 8Seconds (Korea)
Shoes: Somewhere in Korea  

So just thought I would do a quick post for my spacey outfit! Many people said it reminded them of Star Wars especially Princess Leia because of the space buns hahah but to be honest, how I came up with this outfit idea was really random.

It all started in the bathroom, like how all great ideas are born, when I was thinking of what to wear to town after not shopping in a million years. I was reminded on a certain colourful top I thrifted a year plus ago which I only wore once because, well its colourful and not to mention pretty tight. But I was just so sick of wearing the same old things lately that I was determined to wear that top that weekend. Somehow or another I managed to associate that top to something galaxy like and decided it would look good with space buns and of course my leather skirt. Which was a really random thought but I thought of the whole dark gothic look and still wanted to have some of my personal style touches in it. I was so apprehensive but I thank my Instagram feed for my inspirations especially since ‘plaaastic’ really inspired me to wear whatever I wanted. You should too if you are reading this!

But I guess even after putting the look together, the hardest step was actually leaving the house wearing it. Me being the typical human being needing validation sent a photo to my friend even telling her that I was going to look absolutely crazy on that day but thankfully she reassured me and didn’t cancel our date hahah. It was a great experience though, not only being really tall (due to my platforms) and having two ‘antennas’ on my head but also being different in general. Many people judged me of course, some aunties even looking at me weirdly but surprisingly there were even some who complimented my hair of all things! It was fun though, since I eventually felt comfortable enough by the time I left the house, I just felt like I was rocking a whole new side of myself! Though I wouldn’t recommend tying space buns if you’re going on a shopping spree because it is an absolute pain when trying on tops and dresses.

It was a really fun change trying something new and now I feel even bolder to wear out my fashion choices. It is something I really wouldn’t mind trying again and I really encourage you to try it as well. At best, get a piece of clothing you struggle to style and be determined to wear it out for the weekend. Mix and match till you’re comfortable with leaving the house and enjoy the experience!

'Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.' - Gianni Versace 

Ps: My post on my Korea/Busan trip will be coming up soon, sorry for taking so long!

Till next time!

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Huntress

Hat: Editors Market
Top: F21
Jacket: Editors Market
Skirt: F21 
Shoes: Exhibit Store
Ring: Stylenanda (Korea)

So its honestly been really long since I've started experimenting around with my clothes and I kind of just gravitated towards earth colours and started channeling my inner huntress?

I somehow feel its actually a lot easier to style your clothes if you know what and how you want to feel in it overall. This look was exactly how I felt that day, to be bold and steer from my usual monochromatic look and attempt to style something I had never styled before. To be honest I think it has been like 2 years (?) since I bought that skirt and I've never once worn it out, not even kidding! Well I guess this was what I came up with, even choosing to wear my elf-looking shoes for a change. I hoped you liked it as much as I did!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Headband: H&M
Top: 38comeoncommon
Belt: H&M
Bottom: Splaintreats (Online)
Shoes: Editors Market 
Clutch: Aland (Korea)

Sometimes to me, fashion is about experimenting something new. Throwing in bits and pieces and you never know how things might turn out (:

"While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on 
her self confidence - which I believe does make a woman" 
-Mary Kay Ash

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Penny's Worth of Thought

Top: Korea (Garousu-gil)
Skorts: Editors Market
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: Shop at Toa Payoh
Ring: Korea (A'land)

"The most dangerous lies are the ones you tell yourself"

I've realised that what affects me the most is when people don't understand me. 
When I need time alone or the reason behind why I do certain things. It somehow reconfirms the fact that as much as I can't help but always seem as though I'm strong, I literally cannot control my inner self from negativity especially when I break down and go into this whole other world of self destruction.

But then again as much as I've realised this, I've been able to see that the people in which I look up to are hurting inside alone because of those very traits in which people look up to them for. 

Bottom line, sacrifice is really inevitable.
Till the next post.. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grease Musical & SDD Finals

Hellos, it's me again! I'm basically just going to talk about my day yesterday (: 
But first here's what I wore!

I absolutely love this picture taken by the very talented Raphael (: 

And heres the full outfit, sorry for the terrible lighting..

White Top: Korea (Hongdae)
Skirt: Bugis Street
Shoes: Cheap Monday

Alrights so I went to watch the 'Grease' the musical in which my school paid for. I've actually never watched the movie and it was my first time watching the musical, and I would say its a really good experience! The cast was amazing and their showmanship was incomparable, I really recommend it especially if you love shows like High School Musical (: Its still showing at these available timings:

Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Date: till 18th May 2014
 Time: Tuesdays to Fridays, 8pm
Saturdays, 2pm & 8pm 
Sundays, 1pm & 530pm  

Here's my supposedly $60 ticket along with their booklet which I bought at $20 because I wanted to keep it as a memory (:

Random Photo before the show with Joelle, Calysta, Yun Rong and Daviest (:

Group Photo!
Daviest and I (: Facing the glaring sun to take a selfie HAHAH

And another picture before rushing off for SDD (:

So I was really excited for the Finals as I went to watch the preliminary round at Vivo to support NRA and out of the 15 teams sent, 5 got in (: I got the $20 tickets and I sat in the middle section's last row HAHAH but I was sitting on half of my seat most of the time watching all the great crews! 

Nicole (Qoopa) and I (: Missed her so so much, its been such a long time since we had quality time together <3

And a special shout out to my close friend, Lyvia from Legit X for getting into the finals (: I'm so proud of you!

& also can I just say, IM SO HAPPY THAT FLAIR ORIGINS WON (: They really deserved it, they were freaking dope ((: Well, thats all that happened in my eventful day (: Thanks so much for reading, till next time.. (:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Korea Trip

Hello, so I've kind of decided to start a sort of fashion/thoughts blog after much thoughts so I hope I don't end up boring people heheh, I apologise if I do though.. But mainly for my first post I'm going to blog about my Korea Trip or what I can remember about it! I went for almost 2 weeks from April 1st to the 11th and I kind of paid for the trip by myself so I tried my best to control my spending.. HAHAH and of course I went with my Korean language classmate so it was just the two of us though I always went around Seoul myself. 

So I was the idiot who turned up at the airport on the 1st at 630am 
with basic makeup hahah ikr talk about being vain, I only realised that it was pointless
 when my friend was just wearing her specs..  

The view from the plane was absolutely amazing.
This was the first picture I took after landing in Seoul! Hahah it was right outside my guesthouse, I stayed at DongDaeMun 24 Guesthouse (: I dont have anyway pictures of that place but I would really recommend it especially since it has a great location and is fairly decent for what I paid. 
What I miss the most, STREET FOOD ):

Another thing that I really love about Korea is that you can eat in their public transports! Imagine being able to just eat breakfast in the train WHICH I TOTALLY DID EVERYDAY HAHAH its just so convenient and their snack food like their kimbap and the thingy that I ate was so ingeniously packaged.

1st ever OOTD in Korea right beside Hongdae's Stylenanda. (:

Dinner for two heheh 

Lunch the next day at this random cafe we found in Sinchon!

OOTD right outside Ehwa's Women's University. It was freezing cold that hot chocolate I was drinking was my lifesaver heheh, but I drank it too fast burning my tongue HAHAH

OOTD again at the subway station (: Forgive my uneven coloured legs heheh 

Followed my friend to Yesung's cafe - Mouse Rabbit (: AND YES I MANAGED TO CATCH A GLIPSE OF SUJU'S YESUNG heheh he was sitting in the cafe so I saw him from afar (: 

Selfie at night heheh

My favourite picture from Korea (: I took off my coat right the DongDaeMun Design Center dumped my stuff and shamelessly took my OOTD HEHEH it was such an experience though!

OOTD at the stairs outside my guesthouse (:

Lunch at the Garousu-gil district at 'School Food'. I tried their cream rice cake with bacon, it was delicious but super filling.

Alone shopping around the DongDaeMun district at around 2am and trying the potato hotdog which was so so so good. Its like an amazing combination (: 

Morning Selfie (:
OOTD again outside Hongdae's stylenanda this time (: I couldn't help it, I went to stylenanda at least 5 times in total HAHAH
My random shot in the subway because when will I ever get a chance to bring hot coffee into the train.

So I wanted to go visit the Han River at least once so I bravely just went alone and decided to just figure me way as I went, I kind of alighted one station later and ended up having to walk across this enough park in order to get to the Hangang but then again how often do I get to explore another country right? Oh, and did I mention I wore platforms my entire trip which I bought in Korea HAHAH I think I covered at least 5km in those shoes!

Climbed onto this structure and took a pano of part of the Hangang and the bridge (:

I was walking along the park and I saw a TV production crew filming! HEHEH 

A couple were feeding the seagulls (: 

Along the Hangang River ((: 

Yeapps, took that pano while eating my kimbap (: hahah

At Suju's Donghae's Mexican Restaurant 'Grill 5 Taco' (: I'm not exactly a big fan of mexican food but WOW the food there was amazing, its at Gangnam so do try it out if you're there (:

So this is just going to be a long spam of photos I took at the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace because I just wandered around for about 2hrs alone like typical tourist (:

Dinner at Myeong Dong (: it was like 3 different types of spiciness! Hahah the naengmyun is so not my kind of food though, it takes a really long time to chew I ended up just swallowing it.... The kimchi in Korea was obviously of a certain standard and the chicken was just addictive (:

Back again at 'Mouse Rabbit' to have their Green Tea Latte again and I shared their honey toast that my friend recommended as well! If you're a lover of sweet things like me, it tastes like heaven (:

My final OOTD inside the palace in which this nice malaysian took for me (: 

Details for that day!

And finally ofc, my bare face to end off my longgggggg post hahah 

It was seriously an experience to travel there again especially this time without my parents and exploring around by myself (: I do speak a basic korean pretty well so it wasn't hard for me to converse with the people there although there were quite a number of people who assumed that my friend and I were koreans HEHEH such a compliment okays! I totally agree that the amount of good looking people is significantly higher than Singapore though (:

In total I spent around 2.4K in Korea with about 1k for flight and lodging (: I would say that I did spend a lot of money because I went there with a luggage weighing 8kg and came back with 16kg hahah, I took Cathay Pacific and it was a transfer flight stopping in HongKong (; There were many things I missed talking about that happened in Korea because well, I can't ft 10 days of experience here if not this post would be endless hahah, but thanks for reading (:

Till the next post.. (: